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Case Study
Case Study: A wholesale distribution company partnered with 360 Talent, an HR consulting firm, to implement HR practices within their organization and increase worker productivity.


Discount Marketing Products (DMP), a 14 year old wholesale distribution company, had never had an HR function and needed to expand their workforce >200% over the forthcoming eighteen months to keep pace with the company’s growth.  The owner had traditionally handled all people related items for the firm, but was finding that employee grievances, concerns, and best practices were becoming a burden to his ability to grow the company.  He did not feel that the company was large enough (~$10M) to justify hiring a full time HR representative, but instead, engaged 360 Talent on a fractional HR basis.


To understand the existing state of HR compliance and people engagement, the firm implemented the following solutions on a fractional basis:

  • Conducted an HR Audit which helped drive direction for the firm’s people related projects
    • Create and introduce job descriptions, performance standards, and cross-training solutions
    • Implemented performance management across all functions
    • Replaced low performers and toxic individuals with new team members aligned to company goals


To accomplish the objectives, 360 Talent took the following approach:

  • Conduct an HR Audit: The first step was to assess the existing state of HR compliance and people engagement within DMP. A comprehensive HR audit was conducted to identify any gaps or areas of improvement. This audit helped in understanding the current HR practices and provided a roadmap for the firm’s people-related projects.
  • Create Job Descriptions: 360 Talent worked with the management team and each individual to create and introduce job descriptions that were better suited to each person’s role within the organization. This involved analyzing the roles and responsibilities of each position, identifying the necessary skills and qualifications, and aligning them with the company’s goals and objectives. The new job descriptions provided clarity and helped employees understand their roles more effectively.
  • Implement Performance Management: A simple performance management system was implemented within their existing HR software to ensure that employees’ performance was effectively monitored and evaluated. 360 Talent helped design a performance management framework that included regular feedback sessions, goal setting, and performance reviews. This allowed for better alignment of individual and team goals with the company’s objectives and facilitated a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Introduce Talent Acquisition: 360 Talent worked closely with the management team to identify and replace low performers and toxic individuals within the organization. This involved conducting a thorough evaluation of existing employees, identifying areas of improvement, and aligning new team members with the company’s goals and values. The focus was on hiring individuals who were not only skilled but also aligned with the company’s culture and vision.


During the engagement with 360 Talent, DMP achieved significant results in enhancing their HR practices and improving overall employee engagement. Some of the key results achieved were as follows:

  • Improved HR Compliance: The HR audit conducted by 360 Talent helped identify any gaps or areas of improvement in HR compliance within DMP. By addressing these gaps and implementing necessary changes, the company was able to ensure better adherence to HR regulations and policies.
  • Enhanced Clarity in Roles and Responsibilities: The introduction of new job descriptions, developed in collaboration with 360 Talent, provided employees with a clearer understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the organization. This helped improve communication, reduce role ambiguity, and enhance overall productivity.
  • Effective Performance Management: The implementation of a performance management system facilitated regular feedback sessions, goal setting, and performance reviews. This enabled DMP to monitor and evaluate employee performance more effectively, leading to improved individual and team productivity.
  • Replacement of Low Performers and Toxic Individuals: With the assistance of 360 Talent, DMP identified and replaced low performers and toxic individuals within the organization. This helped create a more positive work environment and fostered a culture of high performance and collaboration.
  • Increased Employee Engagement: The combined efforts of 360 Talent and DMP resulted in increased employee engagement. By aligning job descriptions, performance management, and talent acquisition with the company’s goals and values, employees felt more connected to the organization and motivated to contribute to its success.

Overall, the engagement with 360 Talent enabled DMP to establish a strong HR foundation, improve HR compliance, and create a more efficient and engaged workforce. These results laid the groundwork for the company’s planned expansion and future growth.

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