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Case Study: Software company replaces internal recruiter with 360 Talent during slow periods of hiring leveraging managed recruiting services on an "as needed" basis.


CodeScience, a Salesforce software company, was facing a challenge in that their sole recruiter had resigned. They found that during slow periods of hiring, their internal recruiter was not being fully utilized and was not a cost-effective replacement. The company wanted to find a solution that would allow them to efficiently manage their hiring needs while also reducing costs during slower periods.  

To address this challenge, CodeScience decided to engage 360 Talent, a managed recruiting service provider, on an “as needed” basis. This would allow them to leverage external expertise and resources only when necessary, saving costs during periods of low hiring activity. However, they needed guidance on how to effectively implement and manage this new approach to recruiting.


To address these talent issues, the firm implemented the following solutions over six months:

  • Embedded Talent Acquisition
  • Maintained market facing continuity


  • The decision to embed a talent acquisition leader within the client’s organization was a strategic move to address their talent management challenges. This dedicated resource was able to streamline the recruitment process, ensuring a consistent and efficient approach to attracting and hiring top talent. The talent acquisition leader, provided by 360 Talent, took on responsibilities such as sourcing candidates, managing job postings and applications, conducting initial screenings, and coordinating interviews with hiring managers. This allowed the client’s leadership team to focus on their core responsibilities and only participate in recruiting when necessary. By having an embedded talent acquisition function, the client was also able to build their employer brand, attract high-quality candidates, and provide a positive candidate experience. Overall, embedding 360 Talent within the organization successfully helped the client overcome their recruitment challenges and establish a strong foundation for future talent management initiatives. 
  • The company wanted to maintain a pool of potential candidates even though they were not actively hiring. 360 Talent helped them by keeping job postings active and updating them as necessary to show their ongoing interview and hiring activities. When the company realized that their hiring freeze would last longer than expected, they used 360 Talent to communicate with the candidates they had previously recruited, letting them know about the situation and building goodwill with the development community they were targeting. 


In conclusion, CodeScience successfully addressed their talent management challenges by implementing a strategic solution of embedding a talent acquisition leader within their organization, provided by 360 Talent. This approach allowed the company to efficiently manage their hiring needs on an “as needed” basis, saving costs during slower periods of hiring activity. By having a dedicated resource responsible for sourcing candidates, managing job postings, conducting screenings, and coordinating interviews, the company was able to streamline their recruitment process and attract high-quality candidates. Additionally, by maintaining market facing continuity and keeping job postings active, CodeScience was able to build their employer brand and maintain a pool of potential candidates even during periods of low hiring. Overall, the partnership with 360 Talent helped CodeScience overcome their recruitment challenges and establish a strong foundation for future talent management initiatives. 

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