what we do

Our team helps our clients hire the best talent available by providing qualified, trained, recruiting professionals for your company.  Our team of highly qualified researchers and recruiters specialize in technology and software engineering, professional services, sales & marketing, and other critical corporate functions as needed.

We focus on solving the three biggest challenges companies face when recruiting on their own: Capacity, Capability, and Community.   360 Talent solves all three areas so you can focus on your core business.

We Find Great People

how we help


When you don’t have the right recruiting team, you can borrow ours!  We have seasoned, trained recruiters ready to integrate into your company and help you hire immediately.


Don’t you want the best recruiters working for you?  Our recruiting teams are highly skilled individuals who undergo significant training and continuing education to become the best recruiters in the world.


By integrating with your company’s culture, our team becomes part of your community and has a vested interest in hiring the best of the best to join your company.

our services

Managed Recruiting Services

Managed Recruiting Services (M.R.S.)

Immediately add hands-on recruiters to your team to accelerate hiring.  Our managed recruitment solutions are flexible, scalable, and on-demand, and offer significant savings and an increase in quality of hire over contingency recruitment.  We use dedicated,  expert resources working alongside client staff within a service wrap that is performance  managed against SLAs and KPIs

Packaged Sourcing Services

Packaged Sourcing Services (P.S.S.)

360 Talent helps your recruiting team by building targeted lists of potential candidates that meet your specific hiring criteria.  By leveraging our vast sourcing network, and our proprietary ML/AI system, combined with human research and verification, we can find qualified individuals fast.   In addition, we also provide outreach services for anyone we source for you!

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360 Talent can help your company hire the best talent available by leveraging our team of professional Talent Acquisition specialists.  Schedule your 15-minute call here.