Welcome to the 360 Kitchen

I officially started 360 Talent on April 1st (ironic or apropos?) and thought I was going to do one thing, found myself doing something else, and ended up 360 degrees later back at the beginning; hence the love of all things 360.  So, what am I doing? I am building a consulting firm for the Talent Acquisition industry.  I did not realize that clearly back in early April, but indeed that was what I have been doing.

I love Talent Acquisition for so many reasons and being able to continue my career from another vantage point is already so rewarding.  I grew up in staffing, transitioned to corporate, and grew many different corporate TA functions, but I have always pursued the consulting space because I wanted to work “in” the business I was in (if that makes any sense).  360 Talent gives me that opportunity and there is no better time to be focused on ways to accelerate Talent Acquisition.

I developed six core values that are embodied in a circular fashion, not in any order or ranking.  These values are Excellence, Agility, Authenticity, Diversity, Hard Work, and Continuous Improvement and they challenge me daily to be adaptable to anything and operate at the highest level whenever I can.

So…what is 360 Talent doing?

We are helping companies untangle their Big-T Talent problem.  They may need recruiting, or a partner to establish a sourcing function for them, or they may even need a more in-depth analysis of their Talent Acquisition function.  Whatever the need in these areas, we can help.

And…what is the kitchen?

I am taking a page from Hung Lee and giving transparency to the process, not just the highlight reel.  To live our value of authenticity, I am going to document our journey in a way that shows our values in action and write about it.  I am proud to lead a startup company where everything isn’t perfect, but it is filled with an extraordinary amount of care and hard work by all the people that work with me in making 360 Talent happen.  Showing you the kitchen means sharing how the meal is made.  In this case, the meal is the journey to growing this firm and realizing our mission: to change the way the world hires talent.

Join me on the journey to change the world, one req at a time.

Chris Stanzione


Author: Chris Stanzione
With over 22 years of Global Talent Acquisition leadership experience, Chris Stanzione is Managing Partner of 360 Talent, a Talent Acquisition Professional Services firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA.


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