“What started as an administrative function within HR over 20 years ago has suddenly become one of the most strategically important functions in our company.  We do see it as something we need to fix. Now.”

-Atlanta FinTech CEO

360 Talent Has Solutions

Introducing Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) allowing you to hire who you need on time and on budget.

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Our fractional TA leaders help companies establish recruiting functions, act as interim leadership or provide strategic insight for growing companies.

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360 Talent is an official training partner of Sprint Recruiting© and can train your Talent Acquisition teams to become more efficient and accelerate hiring.

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AGILE = Accelerated Hiring

Companies have started to embrace Agile in areas outside of project management and software development including HR and Talent Acquisition.  According to Josh Bersin, Specifically, in recruiting, Agile can be applied to how recruiting teams manage their workload, interface with key business stakeholders, and deliver hiring results through Sprint Recruiting©.

Recruiting Consulting on a Whole New Level

With over 20 years of Talent Acquisition leadership experience, 360 Talent puts customers’ and candidates’ needs first while delivering next-gen Talent Acquisition solutions for growing organizations using Agile.

With Talent Advisors in the US and across the globe, the team at 360 Talent is always ready and available to work on the talent problems keeping you up at night.  Here are some of the services we provide to our clients.

Our Leadership Team

  • Chris Stanzione

    Managing Partner
    Managing Partner at 360 Talent, a Talent Acquisition Consulting and Recruiting firm focused on the Technology...
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  • Priyanka Chaudhary

    Manager, Talent Solutions
    Manager, Talent Solutions with more than 4 years of experience in staffing and consulting firms. Priyanka...
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We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the talent solutions you need to move your business forward
Chris Stanzione
Managing Partner, 360 Talent

Our Values


Excellence in everything we do.  We take pride in our work product and set out to delight our stakeholders around the world.


Agile Principles sit at the center of everything that we do and we follow the Agile Manifesto for HR in our daily practices. 


Authenticity and integrity drive our everyday business decisions, interpersonal relationships, and business motivations.

Hard Work

Hard work, perseverance, and results make up the backbone of our work ethic.  We don’t rest until the job is complete.


Meaningful diverse and inclusive relationships help us work with more empathy and compassion for all our stakeholders.


Commitment to continuous improvement because we take pride in our ability to measure improvement on a regular basis.

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